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    I Crolla Rubinetterie was founded in 1964 in Alzo di Pella, by the Orta Lake, that is a part of an historical industrial district of Italian taps manufacturing. Since the beginning, the founder Roberto Crolla developed a huge knowledge of his products, so that he managed to have all the skills in order to start offering better quality products on the market, by applying an industrial approach to his business. Altro...

    I Crolla Rubinetterie: quality Made in Italy
    Thanks to the deep knowledge of taps manufacturing, I Crolla Rubinetterie soon became a reference point for production and distribution of high quality taps and at present day, taps and mixers of “I Crolla” lines are designed and then manufactured in its 5000 sqm factory. Altro...

    Bathroom and kitchen taps
    I Crolla Rubinetterie always tried to offer on the market the largest range of products, both for bathroom and kitchen, always remaining faithful to its essential values: refinement, sense of taste and harmony. The concept of bathroom over the last few years has changed from a simple functional space to a place of wellbeing. Every detail is important and bathroom taps are a key element to add a sense of style to it. Altro...

    Roberto Crolla Srl Rubinetterie
    Via delle Cave, 9
    28010 - Alzo (NO) - Italia
    Tel. +39 0322 969100 r.a

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